Watch Dogs Legion Spotted Briefly On Amazon

Photo of Watch Dogs Legion Spotted Briefly On Amazon

It was back in 2018 that there were signs that Watch Dogs 3 could be in development. Then last month, Ubisoft created brand new social media accounts for Watch Dogs, leading to speculation that the company could be getting ready to launch a new Watch Dogs game. It turns out that all these signs could be right on the money.

This is because in a listing on Amazon UK, someone had posted a listing for what is apparently called Watch Dogs Legion. Originally spotted and reported by The Nerd Mag, it seems that the listing has since been taken down (no surprises there). According to the game’s description, it seems that Watch Dogs 3 is expected to be set in London, UK.

According to the description, “Watch Dogs Legion is set in a near-future, dystopian version of London. It’s a post-Brexit world in which society, politics, and technology have changed and altered London’s fortunes.” It has also been suggested that in Watch Dogs Legion, you can play as anyone you meet in the game, making it even more open world than before.

We expect that the game will most likely make an appearance during E3 2019 which will be taking place next week, so do check back with us then if you’d like all the details.

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