How to Integrate ellesse’s SS19 Collection Into Your Summer Rotation

Photo of How to Integrate ellesse’s SS19 Collection Into Your Summer Rotation

ellesse is a brand that defies categories — it’s fashion but it’s sport, it’s young and contemporary but it’s also 60 years old and rooted in rich history. These are elements of ellesse’s identity that it embraces, like Highsnobiety, it’s a fluid, evolving, and diverse brand.

Founder Leonardo Servadio — who lends his initials L.S. to the brand’s name — demonstrated this when he launched ellesse in 1959, pioneering the use of tailoring techniques in sportswear design. Over the years, the label has shown its willingness to evolve as it’s grown from ski and tennis clothing into a fashion brand.

In the spirit of embracing change and showcasing personality through style, we put out a company call for ellesse fans in our Berlin office and got a heap of responses from people down to style the brand’s latest collection their way. They also gave us their thoughts on ellesse and the collection, so you get insight into how and why the Highsnobiety team is wearing their favorite collection pieces.

When I think of ellesse I always picture that navy blue tracksuit my dad used to wear back in the day. He bought it in the 80s and rocked it through the 90s as a casual Sunday afternoon fit. The brand has some history to it and was endorsed by some major sportsmen like Boris Becker, which is great!

I chose the striped t-shirt as it’s a classic retro piece that goes well with the whole vibe of SS19. A side bag is a must-have these days, especially for those long summer days ahead – you gotta keep everything together.

By tucking in the t-shirt and wearing some chill dress pants I wanted to give it a more formal look while still being casual with the side bag and the hat. A nice vest is also a summer essential that can give your fit that little extra it needs sometimes.

I like the fact that the collection stays true to the brand itself and makes usage of some great color combinations and designs from the 80s and 90s.

The first thing that pops into my head is the logo because it’s so recognizable and prominent. I like the brand’s Italian flair, it’s never faded over the years; despite various fashion trends, they always manage to keep their initial essence.

The colors of the 80s tracksuit jacket instantly caught my eye and suit my style completely.

When it comes to fashion, I like combining things that normally would not go together. My favorite things in the world are freaky, funky, and weird coats because you can mix and match them with almost everything, from basic pieces to colorful sportswear. I combined ellesse’s bright street flair with my trashy faux-fur coat.

I’d buy most of it if they’d let me.

Big bold branding and colors.

I styled them in a Miami, low cut pants kinda way. ellesse is a very colorful brand, however, I chose the black pieces with simple branding as this is more my style and goes fab with my other pieces.

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