10 Common Menswear Product Description Terms Explained

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The online platforms of luxury fashion retailers are wondrous places. Bridging the divide between runway and consumer, they’re where we finally get the chance to add some everyday context to the collections we gawked at open-mouthed months ago, frequented all the more when prices are slashed in sales periods like now.

But even the most dedicated follower of fashion has blind spots in their knowledge, and the largest hurdle that the everyman tends to face when browsing the virtual racks of SSENSE, Farfetch, Browns, and more is making sense of the product copy.

If you’ve ever wondered, “what is a Jacquard?” when hovering over the add to cart button of a very nice sweater, here we’ve focused on 10 often used, often baffling descriptors and offered up straight-forward definitions to ensure you’re shopping smarter.

Without further ado, read our ABCs of menswear product descriptions below.

Jacquard is a highly-textured cotton fabric with woven-in patterns, rather than graphic prints onto the fabric. For this reason, the pattern tends to be slightly raised from the garment, commonly seen on sweaters, shirts, and tees featuring florals or animal patterns.

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