Morning Joe: The Story Of How The Mafia Became Hitmen For The CIA


Morning Joe welcomed Thomas Maier, author of "Mafia Spies: The Inside Story of the CIA, Gangsters, JFK, and Castro." (It's a nice change when they stop plugging Mika's latest opus and instead talk about real books.) Scarborough asked how it first happened.

"It was about 1960 that it happened. And Allen Dulles (CIA director), who we just saw, who's flat-out lying on national television, this was a super secret mission. This is where we went when spying went from intelligence gathering to more covert, where we want to affect things by killing Castro. He was perceived as such a danger, not only in Cuba, but throughout Latin America, that the decision was made to kill him," Maier said.

Scarborough asked him about the Kennedy connections with Mob boss Sam Giancana.

"There sure is. With Giancana, one of the more intriguing things, JFK was having an affair with a woman (Judith Campbell) who was also having an affair with Giancana at the same time. When we talk about kompromat these days, the Mob actually was manipulating this young woman to get the goods, if you will, on the Kennedys so they wouldn't go after the Mob. You know, all these things are played out in FBI files that I reviewed.

"My question, in the course of living this book, as you reported and wrote this book, do you think there is a truth out there that the American public does not know and might never know?" Mike Barnicle asked.

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