Eastern European Cybercrime Network Taken Down

Photo of Eastern European Cybercrime Network Taken Down

U.S. and European law enforcement agencies say they have dismantled a global cybercrime network that used malicious software to steal an estimated $100 million from businesses around the world.With members in Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, the network used the GozNym malware to steal money from more than 41,000 victims, mostly businesses and their financial institutions, officials announced at a news conference Thursday in The Hague. The victims ranged from mom and pop businesses to international organizations to a nonprofit that worked with disabled children. Law enforcement officials described the network as a "highly structured" criminal organization with each member assigned a special role with specialized skill sets. The network was formed with individuals recruited from underground, Russian-language online criminal forums.Prosecutors in Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and the United States are pursuing criminal charges in connection with the case.In the United States, a criminal indictment returned by a federal ground jury in Pittsburgh charges 10 members of the network with infecting victims' computers with malware to gain access to their bank accounts and steal money they then laundered. One member was arrested by Bulgarian authorities and extradited to the United States in 2016.The leader of the network, along with his assistant, are being prosecuted in Georgia. Five Russian members of the network remain at large.

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