Federal election 2019: 'I'm not running for pope, I'm running for prime minister,' Morrison says – politics live

Photo of Federal election 2019: 'I'm not running for pope, I'm running for prime minister,' Morrison says – politics live

With four days left in the campaign, both party leaders start Tuesday in their own seats. All the day’s events, live

Following on from the report on the Liberal’s Greenway candidate, Allan Green, who had previously warned against Muslim immigration and supported repealing the rights of gay couples to adopt children:

Allan Green, the Liberal candidate for Greenway in Sydney’s west, said the old posts – which were made when he was a candidate for the Christian Democratic party – did not reflect his personal views.

The posts, made by Green’s Facebook account in 2010, 2012 and 2015, shared views that Australia should limit its Muslim population, that same-sex couples should not be allowed to adopt, and that de-facto partnerships between gay couples should be repealed.

A Victorian Liberal candidate argued for a ban on gay couples adopting children and said carbon dioxide was a harmless “plant food” when he ran for parliament at the last election.

Peter Bain, who is contesting the Melbourne seat of Fraser for the Liberal Party, also called for a royal commission into the climate change science in campaign material under the Family First banner.

Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison both responded to young voters, in a way, on Monday. As always the spotlight was on climate change.

The prime minister called in to Triple J’s Hack program on Monday evening, where he defended his now-infamous coal stunt in 2017– which has become a fixture among the protest signs of the school strikers.

“Young people look at you as the treasurer that brought a lump of coal into parliament,” host Tom Tilley said. “For all those young people who take climate change really seriously, it looked like you took it as a joke.”

A Warringah voter just asked Tony Abbott to apologise to local students for his $100 bet that “the climate will not change in 10 years”. His response? You guessed it: more climate change denial! #ausvotes #warringahvotes #StopAdani #ClimateElection pic.twitter.com/0swUHuodOv

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