Our Legacy’s Pre-Fall 2019 Collection Embodies Social Summer Nights

Photo of Our Legacy’s Pre-Fall 2019 Collection Embodies Social Summer Nights

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Brand: Our Legacy

Season: Pre-Fall 2019

Key Pieces:

Release Date: Available now.

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Editor’s Notes: Creative director Cristopher Nying puts it best:

“The collection embodies the impressions of watching football games projected on makeshift screens at bistros and trattorias during late summer nights in Southern Europe. The pieces draw inspiration from different facets of that environment; the details and cuts of service personnel uniforms, the materials and colors of dining table linen and stained embroidered napkins. Even the crass designs of street kitchen display stands. Added is the notion of dressing up for a moment of celebration that ends in despair and frustration over your team losing the game. Those aspects are then reinterpreted as workwear and on to updated silhouettes.”

This is the brand’s second-ever foray into womenswear, where not only are men’s pieces adapted for women, but also vice versa, with a plethora of new silhouettes. The transparent details present in the Pre-Spring 2020 collection are also visible here.

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