The 10 Wildest Chains in the Rap Game

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Although the Notorious B.I.G. famously claimed once that “Mo Money” means “Mo Problems,” that hasn’t stopped the accumulation of wealth from becoming an integral part of rap. More than just a status symbol, blinged out chains also act as a powerful reminder of how far an artist has come.

It’s no surprise then that rappers often compete to own the biggest and best chains, continuing a long standing tradition of one-upmanship in the hip-hop community. Such rivalries have resulted in the creation of some truly wonderful and yet absurd pieces of jewelry over the years that sometimes even overshadow the music itself.

What follows is a selection of the most excessive chains that the world of hip-hop has to offer, ranging from ludicrously expensive to just plain ludicrous. Let’s hope money really ain’t a thang for any of these stars or they could end up filing for bankruptcy real soon.

Estimated value: $250,000

Can also be used… as a spare dinner plate

With more gold than Richie Rich and Mr T combined, Slick Rick helped pioneer the culture of excess that would come to define hip-hop. As far back as the mid 80s, the man otherwise known as MC Ricky D wore countless necklaces and rings, often with an actual crown, but none of this measured up still to his justice scale medallion. Larger than his actual face, this glorious accessory would eventually take on a whole new meaning after Slick Rick was sent to jail when he pled guilty to two counts of attempted murder along with numerous other charges too.

Estimated value: $25,000

Can also be used… as an actual murder weapon

Long before custom jewelry became the norm in hip-hop, Method Man commissioned this impressive piece of bling, which the TSA apparently refused to let through security one time on account of its deadly potential. As an esteemed member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Method Man has laid down some killer rhymes over the years, so it makes sense that he’d wear a killer chain too.

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