KITH Updates Its Classic Pieces for New Spring Collection

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KITH returns with a new set of Classics for spring, set to release tomorrow, April 19. The collection features updated versions of various brand staples, including styles from the Denim Program, LaGuardia Program, and JFK Tee Program, in addition to all-new indigo-dyed garments.

From the Denim Program, KITH presents two styles of the Varick Jean, a new version of the Monroe, and the Laight Trucker, all optioned in three washes of light Hosu, a medium rinse Stella, and black. The Laight Trucker features distressed detailing and a ripped and repaired KITH Classic logo on the elbow, while the distressed models showcase the ripped and repaired logo on the knee, in addition to denim patchwork panels. The classic version then notes minimal distressing that will wear over time. Lastly, the Monroe — also with distressing — is offered in a slim-tapered fit with an extended inseam for stacking.

To complement KITH’s Denim Program updates, the brand’s Double Pocket Hoodie arrives in a trio if indigo washes. This same indigo dye technique is showcased on the Long Sleeve Quinn Pocket Tee and the Short Sleeve JFK Tee.

Rounding out the new KITH Classics apparel are updated pieces from the LaGuardia Program and the JFK Tee Program, including long sleeves, short sleeves, and tank tops.

KITH’s Friday release also includes the collaborative Converse Chuck Taylor 1970s, optioned in black and white colorways with all-over monogram KITH print. The sneakers, however, will be available solely in-store.

You can look forward to the Spring 2019 KITH Classics collection launching Friday, April 19, at all KITH shops and online at 11 a.m. EST.

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It’s crazy to think I left David Z 9 years ago to start the Kith brand and shop. In the eight years we’ve been open, we have built an amazing following of people who want quality products and who trust us in our growth and vision. As I have aged and matured, so has the shop and brand. My standard for quality has gone up over time and as I wear all of this product, I feel good knowing that people can share that same feeling obsessing over goods. The fact that we have a successful Classics category means a lot to me for a few reasons but mostly because I know it takes a lot to trust a brand for necessities. We all work extremely hard and I believe we have some of the most talented people on our team. Designing and producing what we believe is the best in class for these categories is what we hope translates through the product you wear. Because at the end of the day, product is king. Thank you for riding with us and making this possible.

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