Senate Republicans whine about Trump's ugly surprises—the ones they keep supporting


The volume of whining about Donald Trump coming from Senate Republicans would be impressive, if they planned to do anything about it. Since they don’t, it’s just pathetic. In the wake of Trump floating plans to close the border with Mexico, rebrand the GOP as the “party of health care,” and nominate Herman Cain to the Federal Reserve, Senate Republicans are begging the White House to give them some advance warning of these things.

Sen. John Cornyn wants “more communication and collaboration,” saying that “This is a nontraditional presidency, and the president now figures he doesn’t need a lot of advisers because he wants to do it himself. But there’s a lot of informal mechanisms and avenues for sharing information that are not really working very well now.” Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and toadying sycophant Lindsey Graham agreed with that.

”There are two things the administration ought to consider before nominating someone. First, obviously, background check. And second, likelihood of confirmation,” McConnell said. “Generally better to check that out in advance before you send a nomination up.” We’re talking about an administration that hasn’t seen the background check as an obvious step, though, and given how few of Trump’s outrageous nominations Senate Republicans have actually turned back, why wouldn’t he just keep tossing them out and seeing who gets through?

When suggesting that Herman Cain doesn’t have enough votes to be confirmed to the Federal Reserve is what passes for a Republican revolt, of course Trump will keep following whatever whim crosses his mind. And Republican senators will keep whining and not doing a whole heck of a lot about it.

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