Schumer inches forward, won't commit to keeping filibuster if Democrats take the Senate majority

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With the problem of the Senate filibuster front and center in Democratic primary debates, Democratic leader Sen. Chuck Schumer can't avoid the issue until after the 2020 election. It's part and parcel of it. Now Schumer is taking baby steps toward the inevitable conclusion: If a Democratic president and Congress want to accomplish anything, Mitch McConnell's filibuster has to be shut down. In remarks Thursday, Schumer said his primary focus is winning the majority, but he would not commit to retaining the filibuster if that happens. "Our focus should be on winning the majority. We'll have a nice caucus of more than 50 Democrats, and we will decide what to do," Schumer said. "You can think about a whole lot of things. I've taken no position on any of this."

Not talking about it remains an exercise in futility, but that he's not ruling out the possibility is forward movement, however incremental. Just last month he was in denial that it was even an issue Democrats were talking about.

It's an issue. It has to be. Barring a tidal wave that sweeps Mitch McConnell and a dozen other Republicans out of office next year, there's no way Democrats can restore a fully functioning government for the people of America. McConnell will shut it all down.

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