House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler has been getting in Donald Trump's way since the 1980s


When Donald Trump reportedly ranted about “Fat Jerry” Nadler during a private meeting with Republican members of Congress last month, it was quite the throwback—Rep. Jerry Nadler is now arguably thinner than Trump, following weight-loss surgery some years back. But what hasn’t changed about the relationship between the two men is that Nadler has been getting in Trump’s way since the 1980s, from real estate to politics.

As chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Nadler has requested documents from 81 of Trump’s associates, a request that Trump’s inner circle is fighting and that has Trump predictably angry and worried. The two men’s long history may make it extra personal, though. Even the rude nickname dates to when Nadler was a rising Manhattan politician and Trump was trying to build a gaudy monstrosity on the Upper West Side.

Trump wanted to build the world’s tallest building, at 150 stories—with a penthouse for himself, naturally—to be accompanied by six 75-story towers, a mall, a 7,600-space parking garage, and more. Nadler wanted public ownership and an upgraded rail system. Neither man got his way, but Trump (or, more likely, his staff) is now trying to spin the dramatically scaled-back development he ultimately started, then sold while it was still under construction years later, as a big win for himself. That complex is one of several whose residents had Trump’s name removed from their buildings after the 2016 elections.

These days, Trump has bigger things to worry about from Nadler’s interest in him than the prospect of losing out on a 150th-floor penthouse apartment. And the fact that he knows what he’s up against may be increasing his angst.

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