Vast majority of Americans really want to see Mueller's full report, but most fear a DOJ cover up


New polling released Thursday by Civiqs showed 70 percent of Americans think Robert Mueller's full report should be released to the public, but 53 percent think Donald Trump's Justice Department is "trying to conceal information" contained in the report. Just 33 percent said the agency was not trying to cover up information.

A plurality of Americans, 47-27 percent, also continue to have a favorable view of Mueller, while about one-quarter of the population continues to be "unsure" about the matter.

In addition a slim majority of Americans, 52 percent, think that either Trump or people associated with his campaign committed crimes in 2016. An additional 28 percent say crimes were committed but not in association with the Trump campaign. Only 10 percent of Americans say no crimes at all were committed in 2016.

The bottom line: far more people still believe Trump and/or his associates committed crimes than don't, and they worry that the public might never get the whole truth.

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