Herman Cain is full of wisdom—and insults for the senators who will be handling his confirmation


Ex-presidential candidate and accused sexual assaulter Herman Cain, now nominated by Trump for a spot on the board of the Federal Reserve in an apparent admission that Team Trump has now reached the bottom of their barrel, gave a lecture at the University of Kansas last Wednesday night. Let's just say that his reputation for bizarre pronouncements and seemingly infinite self-regard is in no danger of fading anytime soon.

“When God is ready for us not to have fossil fuels, he’ll find a way,” the former Godfather Pizza CEO told the audience at the Vickers Lecture Series at School of Business.

I sent you two boats and a helicopter, the joke goes. What else did you want?

Cain also likened himself to Dr. Martin Luther King, and said: “You reach a point in your successful career where making more money isn’t inspiring enough.”

Yeah, that's the lesson of Dr. Martin Luther King. Rich people need to get out of the house more.

He was particularly, ahem, expressive on the subject of the Senate Banking Committee, the committee that will be handling his confirmation hearings even as numerous senators voice skepticism about Trump's sanity latest nominee.

“You think I’m going to get intimidated by a bunch of yahoos trying to embarrass me?” Cain said. “They’re the ones that are going to be embarrassed.”

Oh, that will go well. This guy is going to charm the socks off those senators, presuming his nomination even makes it that far. But it may not: Four Senate Republicans are now indicating they will oppose Cain’s nomination—a move almost certainly meant to telegraph to Trump that he should withdraw Cain’s name now, rather than waiting for a likely Senate defeat.

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