Mother says son, 10, is ‘traumatized’ after he was arrested for ‘armed robbery’

Photo of Mother says son, 10, is ‘traumatized’ after he was arrested for ‘armed robbery’

A mother says her 10-year-old son was traumatized after he was handcuffed and arrested for allegedly taking another youngster’s cellphone.

In video of the arrest, officers can be seen putting handcuffing the boy in Washington DC on Saturday as bystanders shout ‘he is not resisting!’ and ‘That is not OK!’

Authorities say the unnamed boy was eventually released to his mother, Chaquitta Williams, who said that her son has not been able to sleep since the incident.

The ten-year-old boy was arrested in Washington DC on Saturday as onlookers expressed their outrage (Picture: Twitter)

‘It traumatized him real bad. He couldn’t even sleep last night. It destroyed the whole night,’ Williams told NBC News.

Police said a 12-year-old boy reported that three other children assaulted him and took his cellphone before running off. He also said one of the suspect pointed a gun at him during the robbery.

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Officers stopped several juveniles matching the victim’s description. One was Williams’ 10-year-old and another was his 13-year-old brother. Police said they recovered a BB gun and a stolen cellphone.

Authorities said they did not initially realize how young Williams’ son was.

‘After the identification process, officers realized one of the suspects was ten years old and, per general order, they made notifications to their official who then notified Youth and Family Services,’ a police spokesperson said.

Chaquitta Williams said her son cannot sleep and is traumatized by the incident (Picture: WUSA 9)
Police said they originally did not realize how young the boy was (Picture: Twitter)

‘After consideration, it was determined the ten year old would not be summarily arrested on the scene and that a custody order would be applied for by the investigating detective.’

It is unlikely that the boy will face charges as authorities have suggested they will enroll him in a diversion program.

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‘I just had to cry. It just hurt my feelings so bad to see my son put in handcuffs at the age of 10,’ Williams said.

Williams’ 13-year-old son was arrested and no update has been given on his case.

The Washington DC ACLU and the group, Black Lives Matter, have condemned the police’s actions and plan to hold a protest on Friday outside the police station.

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