MUJI Is Opening the First Japanese MUJI Hotel Next Week

Photo of MUJI Is Opening the First Japanese MUJI Hotel Next Week

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MUJI is opening their first MUJI HOTEL in Japan next week. It will be the third hotel from the brand, the other two being in China.

There are a total of 79 rooms in the hotel, which are organized into nine categories and vary in size from single rooms measuring 14-15 square meters (approximately 151-161 square feet), to 52 square meters (approximately 560 square feet) for two people. Regardless of size, MUJI has taken great pains to “ensure that the room will restore travelers in body and spirit alike.”

The rooms are furnished in MUJI’s trademark minimalist style, and feature products from the store. The interior design focuses on “wood, stone, and earth,” and features repurposed paving stones from Tokyo’s old trolley ways, as well as recycled ship debris.

The “anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap” hotel will be located above the new global MUJI flagship store in Ginza. It will occupy floors seven through ten, with the hotel lobby, WA restaurant, and the Atelier, a “multi-purpose facility for design and culture,” on the 6th floor.

April 4 is the grand opening of both store and hotel, but it’s already possible to reserve a room on the website.

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