Robert Kraft's attorney accuses law enforcement of illegally obtaining evidence


The attorney for Robert Kraft has gone on the offensive. Kraft’s attorney issued a statement on Friday in which he said the evidence against his client was obtained illegally. “There was no human trafficking and law enforcement knows it. The video and the traffic stop were illegal and law enforcement just doesn’t want to admit it. The state attorney needs to step up and do the right thing and investigate how the evidence in this case was obtained,” attorney William Burck told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. Kraft has pleaded not guilty to two charges of solicitation of prostitution after he was recorded participating in sex acts at a massage parlor in Jupiter, Florida back in January. The New England Patriots owner will not accept any plea deal that involves him admitting any guilt. The video was obtained and arrests made as part of a sting operation regarding sex trafficking. Kraft’s attorney issued his statement the same day a sheriff involved in the case said he expects the video evidence to eventually be made publ

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