Michigan State players defend Tom Izzo over heated exchange


Tom Izzo was not happy with the way Michigan State played against Bradley in the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Thursday, and the longtime coach has faced some criticism for the way he went after freshman Aaron Henry more than once during the second half. However, it does not sound like it bothered many people inside the Spartans locker room. At one point, Izzo aggressively got in Henry’s face during a timeout that followed a 10-0 run from Michigan State. He lunged at the freshman while screaming at him and needed to be held back. After the 76-65 win, Izzo said Henry has too much experience at this point in the season to be making mistakes and not giving a full effort. “This is one-and-done time,” Izzo said. “The ‘my bads’ are out the window. If they’re ‘my bads’ because that team played better or that guy played better — if it’s ‘my bad’ because you decided to jog back instead of sprint back, then it is your bad. That’s what it was.” When asked if he feels Izzo is harder on him than some other player

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