Russell Westbrook's altercation a reminder to stop giving bigots attention


In an otherwise forgettable Monday Night Football game in the Chip Kelly 49ers era, Kevin Harlan saw an opportunity to make a moment and took it. A streaker had ran on the field, and Harlan called the action on the field like Kelly had called the play. Harlan was on the radio broadcast. ESPN instead showed players and coaches standing around. Harlan later apologized for his actions. Personally, I thought the broadcast was funny. But, I understand why ESPN and other outlets make a point to avoid giving streakers and those who otherwise interrupt the game. Everyone’s looking for their fifteen minutes of fame – that’s not the time. So I was disappointed, but not surprised, to see an interview of Shane Keisel. Keisel was the fan in Utah who yelled to Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook, “get down on your knees like you’re used to!” He achieved his goal – get under Westbrook’s skin so much that he elicited a response. Afterwards, Keisel got his fifteen minutes – and more. Westbrook is a fiery competitor,

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