Chris Woodward addresses Rangers’ Fortnite policy


In a sign of the changing dynamics of the MLB clubhouse, Texas Rangers manager Chris Woodward discussed this week how the team intends to address the time-wasting devotion to “Fortnite,” video games and other technologically driven distractions. Woodward declined to specifically lay out the team’s clubhouse policy regarding “Fortnite” and the like, as there is not yet one in place. The skipper did mention, however, that the team addressed such issues during spring training. “When we met at the start of spring training, I challenged them in a way to say: If you guys are more concerned about playing video games than becoming champions, that’s on you guys,” Woodward said, via SportsDay . “It’s not a difficult thing to address when you put in that light. What’s more important to you: Your teammates and us winning a championship or you becoming a better Fortnite player? I fully expect our players to police themselves. Anything that goes overboard, I’ll address.” Woodward added he hopes the players will do a good

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