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Monday Morning Margaret and Helen Blogging

America's feistiest octogenarian bloggers don’t post often, but when they do, fire extinguishers are kept at the ready. In their latest, Helen responds to the Crazy White People Party’s latest phony-outrage-fueled attacks on reproductive rights:

[O]ne thing for damn sure a man knows nothing about is what’s in a woman’s mind and heart when she is making a decision about whether or not to terminate a pregnancy. [...]

Have battleship, will travel.

Contrary to what our asshat of a President and his confederacy of dunces think, women don’t pull up to a Planned Parenthood and order up an abortion like it’s a Big Mac. No one at Planned Parenthood takes our request for a pregnancy test and tries to upsize us to an abortion and some fries. Women make this decision with a great deal of thought, prayer and consultation with our loved ones and our doctors.

I am an old woman. I don’t like the f-word. I didn’t use that word until the orange asshat arrived. But on this topic, you bet your sweet ass I’ll use it. FUCK YOU GOP for continuing to politicize this deeply personal decision that should be left between a woman and her doctor. Get your lies out of our government and get your politics out of our vaginas. And while you are at it, why don’t you get those children at the border out of those cages. I mean it. Really.

Read the rest here. They really should have their own radio show. Did I say radio show? I meant TV show. Did I say TV show? I meant TV network.

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