Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Green caucuses, to see or not to see, and robot rage


Sometimes it seems impossible not to hear Donald Trump dropping his … droppings over at Twitter. Like screams echoing from of some not-nearly-distant-enough version of a online bedlam, the pseudo-psychic ripples spread out across the cyberverse, bringing a chill of nightmare, waves of despair, and a tinge of nausea. And they make that one pixel on your screen kind of flicker. You know the one.

That’s especially true on an evening where both Trump, and his broadcast teleprompters at Fox, are Desperately Seeking Diversion. As Trump licks the cheese paper from his third fish sandwich of the evening, he’s thinking “What could I possibly say that’s crazy enough to distract from how I didn’t just spew the same rhetoric as a mass-murderer, I’m still doubling down on those same terms?”

“Maybe I could … threaten to take a factory from an American manufacturer and give it to a foreign company if they don’t do what I want. Yeah. Yeah. That’s crazy. That’ll get some attention.

“Or what if I took a stroll over John McCain’s grave, and spat on him a few times. Now that … who boy. That’s not just crazy, it’s mean crazy. That’ll get their minds off New Jersey. Or New Town. Or wherever it was.

“But … what if it doesn’t? What if people notice that I’ve declared an entire national emergency, and stolen billions of dollars, using language of fear and racism that exactly matches what a murdering Nazi was pumping into 8Chan right before he started shooting people in the back while they were praying? What if they notice I’m still doing it?

“Wait. The French are always good for a distraction. I could claim that people are rioting in Paris because of the climate agreement. And I could say that the environment in the U.S. is the best ever! People will spend so much time trying to correct that one, they’ll never notice that I’m still saying the exact same thing as … oh, screw it. Let them try to figure this one out!”


Google is helping China and their military, but not the U.S. Terrible! The good news is that they helped Crooked Hillary Clinton, and not Trump....and how did that turn out?

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 16, 2019

Don’t try to figure it out. Also … don’t get diverted. “Invasion” is the language of violence. The wall is an act of hate. And white nationalism is the greatest threat to democracy both in the United States and around the world.

Now. Let’s go read pundits.

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