6 times NFL teams’ Twitter accounts tried really hard to get you excited this week

Photo of 6 times NFL teams’ Twitter accounts tried really hard to get you excited this week

Sprinkle some trades in there, and we’ve got a feast of funnies.

NFL free agency is in full swing, with some blockbuster trades sprinkled in to give us an exciting offseason so far. With new faces in new places come announcements and other things via the art of the tweet.

The people that run the NFL social accounts are incredibly creative. At times, they have to do a lot with a little. NFL free agency, and sometimes a trade that a team might have been on the wrong end of, are things that can harvest the most difficult situations.

Like the Jaguars, who were looking for the best possible stat for Nick Foles.

There’s not a lot to brag about with Foles if you’re trying to get people excited for having him on your team. His career record as a starter is 26-18, he’s completed just below 62 percent of his passes, has 68 touchdowns, and 33 interceptions.

That’s not exactly much to brag about for a quarterback you just signed for four years and $88 million (even if that is the going rate for quarterbacks like him nowadays). But he did win a Super Bowl, and that’s not for nothing. However, the Jaguars decided to tweet out this beauty:

The very first stat? Foles has the highest win percentage by a quarterback with TWO OR MORE STARTS since 2017.

Foles isn’t the sexiest free agent quarterback signing ever. But if you’re a Jaguars fan reading this, I would like to point you into the direction and attitude of one of SB Nation’s Jaguars fans, Richard Johnson:

Can’t argue that!

The Broncos thanked Case Keenum for “everything.”

The Keenum experiment in Denver didn’t work out, unsurprisingly. He had a breakout season in Minnesota during the 2017 campaign, but the clock struck midnight on Keenum against the Eagles in the NFC Championship. John Elway decided to scoop up the QB anyway.

The Broncos went 6-10, while Keenum completed 62 percent of his passes for nearly 3,900 yards, 18 touchdowns, and 15 picks. They then kindly thanked him for everything after replacing him with the once-elite Joe Flacco:

Thanks for everything.

Meanwhile, the Giants put together a Kevin Zeitler highlight tape, because the average fan definitely loves good offensive line play.

Kevin Zeitler — one of the players the Giants got in exchange for Odell Beckham Jr. — is an improvement to the Giants offensive line. There’s no question about that.

But the average fans probably aren’t watching his highlights of him making blocks and getting super gassed over him, especially after losing one of the NFL’s best receivers:

While this probably ain’t it, I also understand the Giants trying to get people excited for their new acquisitions after getting rid of one of the most influential players of this generation.

Also funny: the Giants didn’t mention Beckham in their tweet about the trade.

Things are definitely fine in East Rutherford.

The Cowboys tweeted their free agency tracker, with the latest update being their longtime crush.

It’s been a minute, but Earl Thomas and the Cowboys were flirting with each other for quite a while there.

Thomas is from Texas, and played his college ball with the Longhorns. In 2017, he chased down Jason Garrett in the tunnel and told him, “If you have a chance to get me, come get me.”:

Then, in September of last season, he bowed to the Cowboys’ sideline after snagging his second interception of the game:

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Somebody gonna write the check ...

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This offseason, Thomas signed with the Ravens, and the Cowboys tweeted the following:

Y’all ain’t slick, but this is a great tweet.

OK, wait, this one’s actually kind of good.

The Steelers got Donte Moncrief in an effort to replace the million or so catches and yards that will be lost with Antonio Brown’s departure.

The Steelers had a highlight video prepared of Moncrief, which isn’t all that eye-popping:

There is reason for optimism, though.

Those passes are coming from Robby Blake Bortles (I didn’t know that was his actual first name, either). If Moncrief can have any sort of production with him, imagine what Team Dad Ben Roethlisberger can get out of him.

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