5 definitely real reasons LeBron James told Kawhi Leonard ‘we’ll be in touch’

Photo of 5 definitely real reasons LeBron James told Kawhi Leonard ‘we’ll be in touch’

Lol not EVERYTHING is tampering.

All 1,440 minutes in a day are perfect for NBA player tampering. Recruitment never ends, whether legal or illegal, in-season or the offseason, pregame or postgame, or, of course, on social media. We’re living in a superstar league where teams and other stars are exhausting themselves to land one of the top players in the league.

Social media’s biggest spies set out to investigate a brief postgame encounter between LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard after the Raptors beat the Lakers on Thursday night, 111-98. Though much of the conversation is hard to hear, it appears James says “We’ll be in touch,” to Leonard.

Leonard is set to become a free agent in July, so James’ comments unequivocally mean he’s about to pitch Leonard to come to L.A. James, who has known for the last two decades of his life that there are cameras on him at all times and especially when he’s near the other most famous basketball player on the court, must’ve slipped up. It can’t possibly mean anything else.

In reality, we need to stop dissecting everything LeBron, or any other star, may or may not have said to a fellow player after a game. It’s how false rumors spread.

In fact, LeBron probably wasn’t talking about Kawhi coming to the Lakers. Here are a few other things they might “be in touch” about.

1. LeBron might be giving Kawhi laugh lessons

Kawhi Leonard has an incredibly terrifying laugh. We know this:

After it was memed into oblivion, Kawhi has done everything he can to avoid laughing on camera, which is quite sad:

Maybe LeBron is just trying to help a friend regain his confidence. We all just want Kawhi to be able to laugh in peace.

2. LeBron is going to invite Kawhi to star in Space Jam 2

Kawhi would be the most low-maintenance star ever cast in any film ever. He wouldn’t need any speaking lines or attention. He’d be OK with just about any reasonable request.

He could play a Monstar with the size of his giant hands. Maybe his laugh could actual be used as an evil villain one? The opportunities are endless.

3. Maybe we have this all backwards and LeBron and Kawhi are actually scheming to sign with the Clippers

This could be a recruitment pitch, but maybe it isn’t for the Lakers. Heck, LeBron and his family are already in Los Angeles, and Leonard’s been rumored to have interest in joining the Clippers already. Why not join the other team?

4. LeBron is talking to Kawhi by request of 2Chainz

LeBron recently A&R’d 2Chainz newest album, and maybe he’s trying to recruit Kawhi to pitch in. Maybe 2Chainz has another album in the works. Or, maybe he wants to rap over the Kawhi laugh beat.

5. LeBron wants social media lessons from Kawhi

LeBron’s received a lot of heat for his Instagram posts all season. Even as the Lakers have lost and management has attempted to trade his teammates, James has posted his individual accomplishments online and kept a pretty upbeat tone.

That’s all fine! James should do whatever he pleases. But maybe he’s realized he’s a bit too logged-on and wants to learn from the best.

Remember, Kawhi has told us that he “doesn’t sweat the comments” in his latest shoe advertisement. Maybe James is ready to learn that it’s OK not to post.

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