Harvie and the Magic Museum review – lacklustre animation

Photo of Harvie and the Magic Museum review – lacklustre animation

The derivative, hyperactive tale of a boy who brings a collection of dusty puppets to life is marred by gender stereotyping

Here’s a chaotic and very average family animation from the Czech Republic, plasticky looking and blandly dubbed. It’s about a kid who brings the puppets in a dusty old museum to life and inadvertently resurrects the evil puppet-master, Bastor, who centuries ago armoured himself with bits of his creations.

Like Bastor, the movie feels Frankensteined from dozens of others you’ve already seen. What it lacks in originality it makes up for in hyperactive energy and a blathery message to boys about leadership. The moral to girls is more depressing, since Harvie’s female sidekick spends most of the movie looking scared and shouting: “Careful!”

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