Ellen DeGeneres Takes ALL The Credit For Alex Rodriguez’s Proposal To Jennifer Lopez!

Photo of Ellen DeGeneres Takes ALL The Credit For Alex Rodriguez’s Proposal To Jennifer Lopez!

Ellen DeGeneres is happy to take all the credit for Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez‘s surprise engagement!

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Speaking about the happy couple’s big news on Tuesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the comedian claimed she was the one responsible for giving the former Yankees player “the push that he needed” to propose to the songstress on Saturday!

“I don’t want to take credit for this, but… Yeah, I kinda… I did that… I’m pretty sure I’m the reason.”

Bet Ellen picked out that GIANT rock, too! LOLz!

The 61-year-old continued in her opening monologue, pointing out the giant clock with the couple’s faces on it that she gave to J. Lo the last time the actress appeared on her show back in February.

At the time, DeGeneres told her friend:

“Because you and A-Rod just celebrated your two-year anniversary… This is a clock, and it’s basically to remind him that time is ticking and he should hurry up and propose. Or you should propose.”

Months earlier, the talk show host even gave the couple a nudge when the If You Had My Love singer stopped by as a guest on the show in November 2018.

Telling J. Lo that A-Rod was getting ready to propose, Ellen spilled:

“You should [get married], because y’all seem very happy. I mean, it would be good to do for Christmas.”

It took a few months, but he finally did it! And with a rock of a ring, too!

Ellen joked about its size by showing off the pic of it Lopez shared to Instagram:

“That ring is so heavy, he has to hold her hand up. It looks like it, it’s gigantic. She’s got to be really, really careful when she’s washing dishes with that!”

In case you haven’t seen the gorgeous pic, you might not have noticed The Ellen DeGeneres Show was actually tagged in the post!

See (below):

Jennifer Lopez tags Ellen DeGeneres’ show in her ring pic! / (c) Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

So, all jokes aside, it seems like the Finding Dory actress really is to thank for the former MLB star finally getting on one knee!

Ellen revealed:

“When she announced it, she posted that picture and she actually tagged me in that photo. So I wrote back, ‘Yes, I’ll be your Maid of Honor.'”

We can’t wait for that wedding, which the host obviously spilled some of the deets of:

“[Jennifer’s] already started choreographing her first dance. There’s going to be three costume changes, backup dancers, the whole thing. Front row tickets are already $800 on StubHub!”

If only! But in all seriousness, the newly-engaged couple’s good friend only cares about their happiness, lastly saying:

“J. Lo I’m very very happy for you, not just because you took my advice, but because you seem really happy together. If two extremely filthy rich people can find love, there’s hope for all of us.”

So sweet! You can watch (below):

Unsurprisingly, you’ll find Ellen made no mention of the Jose Canseco controversy, in which the former baseball star made allegations that Alex cheated on Jennifer with Canseco’s ex-wife, Jessica.

While the scandalous athlete still has tweets up declaring his fellow former Yankees player is a cheater, he did clarify on Tuesday that the phone number he made public was that of his manager, Morgan‘s.

See (below):

Jose Canseco previously tweeted out a phone number for Jennifer Lopez to call him about his Alex Rodriguez cheating claims. / (c) Jose Canseco/Twitter


The 54-year-old really isn’t backing down, and all the while, the soon-to-be wedded pair have yet to acknowledge the allegations!

Think they ever will?? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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