Senate GOP May Revolt Against Trump's Fake 'Emergency'


Lamar Alexander had everyone's attention in the Senate on Thursday. Politico:

In a much-anticipated floor speech, the retiring senator declined to state whether he will become the deciding vote to block the president’s maneuver. But he signaled broad opposition to the emergency declaration and sought to convince Trump that he has other ways to collect $5.7 billion for the border wall — the precise amount of money he demanded during the government shutdown fight.

“He’s got sufficient funding without a national emergency, he can build a wall and avoid a dangerous precedent,” Alexander told reporters afterward, referring to billions from a drug forfeiture fund and anti-drug smuggling money at the Defense Department. “That would change the voting situation if he we were to agree to do that.”

Asked how the GOP can avoid a battle with Trump, one Senate Republican considering voting for the disapproval resolution said: “He can change his mind.”

I will never bet the house payment on Republicans doing the right thing. But I will affirm their commitment to the Military-Industrial Complex. If Trump believes their loyalty is to him personally over their lobbyist donors, I know who I'm betting on.

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