CNN Host Reports That Many Coworkers Are Angry About The Network’s DOJ Hire


CNN host and reporter Brian Stelter wrote Wednesday that many of his fellow employees are up in arms about the network’s hiring of Sarah Isgur, previously the head spokesperson for former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as a political editor.

Isgur has no experience in journalism, having spent most of her time as a Republican operative, but would direct coverage of the 2020 campaign in her new role.

Stelter reported that many of his coworkers have reached out to him with concerns that the hire is an ethical breach and that Isgur is utterly unqualified for a managerial position. Some others are reportedly angry that they found out she’d be coming aboard through a Politico story and not from the company itself.

CNN executives told Stelter that people are blowing the hire out of proportion, and that the revolving door of political operative jobs and news networks has been turning for years.

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