Trump aide still won't comment on report that he knew about undocumented workers at Trump golf club


White House aide and former golf caddy Dan Scavino still won’t directly respond to the recent report that he knew the golf club he once managed for Donald Trump employed undocumented immigrants, instead leaving an administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity” to the New York Daily News, to deny the report with “Mr. Scavino, when he was the general manager at Trump National, was not involved in the recruiting or hiring of any of the individuals involved in the story.”

When Trump’s undocumented workers have been willing to put their very futures in the U.S. on the line by stepping forward, what’s Dan’s excuse for refusing to comment on the record? Could it be because he knows that there’s a push for a criminal investigation into the Trump Organization’s hiring practices? Scavino “was involved in the hiring,” said Gabriel Sedano, who worked at the club for more than a decade until he was fired last month. “If they needed more people, he would always have to say yes because he was the general manager. Everything went up to him.”

Perhaps Dan’s very busy day of—checks White House schedule—flying to another Trump resort, Florida’s Mar-a-Lago, on the same day of the Daily News’ follow-up report got in the way. But now that he’s back in Washington after his boss’ post-national emergency golfing marathon, maybe he’s got some time to finally answer Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold’s questions, and he has plenty of ‘em to get answered.

There needs to be full investigation into the Trump Organization, going all the way to the top. His businesses exploiting undocumented immigrant labor isn’t a one-off for him—it’s a pattern, and he’s been getting away with it for years. Not his underlings, though: Trump’s United Nations ambassador pick had to withdraw her name from consideration because she apparently employed someone who didn’t have permission to work in the U.S. The fact that Trump has been doing the same, all while spouting anti-immigrant lies, is astounding.

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