Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday



There's A Lesson in Here Somewhere

The Siena College ("Go, Fighting Saints!") Research Institute is out with a brand-new survey of 157 presidential scholars, and the results are, as usual, fun to spend a few minutes presidenting over. In terms of overall greatness, this year's top five are Washington, FDR, Lincoln, FDR's cousin Teddy, and Jefferson. Obama fares quite well, while Lord Dampnut finds himself wallowing in the primordial ooze with James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson.

At the very bottom of the survey, the participants are asked to rate our most recent presidents on their performance (i.e right direction/wrong direction, on a 100-point scale) in the areas of domestic policy, foreign policy, human rights, and "the quality of our democracy." The contrast between the last four presidents---going back 25 years---is stark (and I can’t imagine Trump’s numbers improving, given all the anvils that’ll be dropping on his head over the next 22 months). These are the “right direction” scores for each:

Domestic Foreign Human rights Democracy CLinton (D) Bush II (R) Obama (D) Trump (R)
91 71 83 62
15 11 27 30
74 60 85 79
15 15 8 8

The lesson here (for me, anyway): for the sake of progress and the health of our nation, the Electoral College and the conservatives on the Supreme Court can’t be booted fast enough.

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