Our Favorites from the Fogia Collection 2019

Photo of Our Favorites from the Fogia Collection 2019

No trip to Stockholm could be considered complete for any design lover without a visit to Fogia Market, a retail destination bordering one of the infinite waterways marbleizing Sweden’s landscape, and offering the perfect backdrop to the Swedish design company’s accessible furnishings. Prior to the Stockholm Furniture Fair, we were given a tour of the brand’s latest collection, one representing the talents of Stefan Borselius, Norm Architects, Note, TAF Studio, Main, Carina Seth Andersson and Andreas Engesvik within a most picturesque concept store.

Operating as a showroom, cafe, and workspace, the airy and repurposed warehouse wears a few visible remnants of its shipyard past, but today houses the Swedish brand’s collection of furniture, lighting and accessories in handsome fashion.

Inside, various interior tableaus decorated with Fogia’s 2019 Collection, intermingle with previous years’ designs, revealing a subtle eclecticism of color, form and texture. Presented alongside Fogia’s past catalog, the numerous pieces represent the brand’s continual commitment to collaboration, welcoming Scandinavian talent to design objects intended to operate equally as statement pieces or as holistic components within a room.

Past Fogia designs are interspersed throughout the Fogia Market, intended to illustrate the versatility of each piece from past and present.

“What we’re most excited to show is how Fogia’s collection as a whole is a versatile holistic range of products for home and contract use, but that all pieces possess the style and quality to work faultlessly in either situation,” says Fogia CEO, Marcus Huber.

A few of our favorites from this year’s 2019 Collection shown below:

The Embrace, designed by Norm Architects – offers a scaled down and more intimate take on the studio’s previous 2018 statement armchair, the Enclose.

The geometric themed Ribbon rug designed by Andreas Engesvik is the designer’s first rug design and an extremely versatile piece in its variety of colors ranging from neutrals to richer blues and greens.

Embody footstool (far left), designed by Norm Architects, is designed to complement the Enclose armchair, but operates equally well as a side table.

The Barba Sofa and Armchair, both designed by Andreas Engesvik, is a soft and welcoming design inspired by the classic cartoon character and named after the French word for candy floss (our favorite of the entire 2019 collection).

The Bond modular shelving system, designed by Main, is available in freestanding, wall mounted, or ceiling mounted forms. Designed accommodate for objects like televisions or artwork, the space between shelves can be made larger as needed, making this one of the most versatile and handsome wall units we’ve seen.

Carina Seth Andersson’s Kimi mirror is designed to be easily mounted and moved. Lighter in weight than a typical mirror or the same size, the Kimi is adorned with a leather strap and also matching wood backplate detailing that makes placement easier and worry-free.

The Utility foot stool by Norm is intentionally lower in height, an architectural frame capped with a leather or fabric cushion that looks most striking in pairs.

Accompanying the 2019 Collection Fogia’s CEO Marcus Huber announced plans for a New York Fogia showroom opening its doors later this year (with a West Coast flagship cited as a “possibility if things go well in NYC”).

The entire Fogia 2019 Collection is available to preview online.

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