Paladin won Manus contract after PNG changed its mind on services –as it happened

Photo of Paladin won Manus contract after PNG changed its mind on services –as it happened

The parliamentary week begins with Scott Morrison facing another test of his numbers on the floor of the House of Representatives. All the day’s events, live

Despite subjecting us all to a 150 minute question time, Scott Morrison says the government was never going to oppose a motion calling for a royal commission into disability abuse. Here is what he had to say on it yesterday:

It won’t be opposed by the Government and was not going to be opposed by the Government. I think this was one of another of the cruel lies that was put around last week. As Prime Minister I’ve never opposed such a Royal Commission. My priority has been to establish the Royal Commission into aged care which I have done and to conclude the Royal Commission into the banking and finance industry which I initiated which I commissioned, which is just recently completed. So these were my priorities. We need to do everything we can to support Australians with a disability. And I’m disappointed that on Thursday the Labor Party chose to play politics with this issue. There was no suggestion that the Government was not going to support that motion that afternoon in the House of Representatives and the motion was not going to even come to the House of Representatives that afternoon. And so to suggest other things I thought was disingenuous and dishonest.”

The government plans to not vote against this motion in the House today and then to send theAttorney-General out there mumbling nonsense about a need to consult with the between now and the federal election – I just want to say really clearly that is not good enough.”

The immigration minister, David Coleman, is attempting to explain to Laura Jayes and Kieran Gilbert on Sky News why the medical evacuation bill is going to dismantle the nation’s border security regime, despite the government appointing the review panel that will look at any medical rejections.

It’s going well.

.@DavidColemanMP on the medivac bill: Labor's changes 'dismantle the current offshore detention system.'

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