Gavin Williams MP – ideal for Crackerjack | Brief letters

Photo of Gavin Williams MP – ideal for Crackerjack | Brief letters

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How come no mention of the three performers with by far the greatest number of appearances (Crackerjack back after 35 years as BBC takes on Netflix, 12 February)? Peter Glaze (309), Jillian Comber (188) and Leslie Crowther (159). They were the team when I went to the show with my school in the early 60s. Might Gavin Williamson MP be one of the new presenters? He seems ideal to “usher in a new era of … whizzbang audience antics” and well suited to CBBC.
Tim Davies
Batheaston, Somerset

• Boiling more water than needed in the kettle is bad enough (Are your cuppas costing more than you thought?, 9 February), but I am more despondent about people who rinse crockery items with running hot water before placing them in the dishwasher. It washes dishes. The clue is in the name.
Dr John Birtill
Guisborough, North Yorkshire

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