Apple, the $9.6 billion Google paid this year, and Apple Prime


[VIDEO] One of the many Apple stories getting traction over the past few days is an analyst note from Goldman Sachs, which mentions Google’s contribution to Apple’s services revenue numbers, as well as the idea of an Apple Prime bundle.

On Google, they paid Apple $9.6 billion for traffic acquisition costs (TAC), essentially paying for the privilege of being the default search engine on your iPhone.

On Apple Prime, the idea there is that Apple would create an Amazon Prime-like bundle to help bring more subscriber dollars to Apple, instead of Netflix, etc. This would obviously come into play when Apple rolls out their video offering later this year.

The stories out there (including this one), are takes on the Goldman Sachs analyst report. If you’ve got five minutes, watch the video embedded in the main Loop post and get this straight from the horse’s mouth.

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