We Are Being Watched

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It's episode 80 and the girls are back at it again! We're all being watched! They start by hearing how Anna is just not having it, but the dog Andie makes her happy. Then they get into what is going on with Venezuela and their presidents, and a film made by Al Jazeera that has been suppressed because reveals how much Israel spies on US citizens. WE ARE ALL BEING WATCHED Y'ALL!!


1. Watch the film the Israel lobby didn’t want you to see

2. How Israel Spies on US Citizens

3. New Al Jazeera film uncovers 'rotting foundation' of U.S. Israel lobby

4. “National security” cited as reason Al Jazeera nixed Israel lobby film

5. What Is Happening in Venezuela? How It Got Here and Why It Matters

6. What next for Venezuela? Everything you need to know about the country with two presidents

7. EU parliament recognises Venezuela's Guaido as interim president

8. Ethnically Ambiguous Merch on Tee Public

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