WOW: Tom Brokaw Says ‘The Hispanics Should Work Harder At Assimilation’


On Sunday's Meet the Press, news anchor emeritus Tom Brokaw shared some surprising thoughts about immigration. First, he stated that “the Hispanics should work harder at assimilation." Then he talked about intermarriage and "brown grandbabies" and I am literally not even sure what else there is to say except, watch the clip.

HUGH HEWITT: "Sad, no compromise," again, it's in the word cloud. The next three weeks allow the opportunity to go big and solve this. Jared Kushner's leading it. And it is far more important to shut down the Maduro government than our government. And I think Donald Trump is leading there. And he is winning there, because of Bolton and Pompeo going down to see Bolsonaro and Duque. That's going to happen. That's going to bring us together.

CHUCK TODD: That is going to bring us together, getting involved in Latin American politics that -- has it ever gone well for the United States in years past?

HUGH HEWITT: Absolutely. Because you know, Russia is against that.

CHUCK TODD: I understand that.

HUGH HEWITT: And Trump is for that. And that will help. That will help a lot.

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