T-Mobile Metro Gets A ‘Snackable’ Video Service Next Month

Photo of T-Mobile Metro Gets A ‘Snackable’ Video Service Next Month

A “snackable” video service will be launched for T-Mobile’s Metro prepaid brand next month. Magenta may not have launched a TV service in 2018 itself but Metro will be getting a similar service in the coming weeks. T-Mobile’s full-fledged video streaming service is slated to arrive later this year.

Xumo, a video provider, has confirmed that it’s working with Metro on a “snackable content app” which is going to launch on two smartphones next month. It was earlier believed that this would be closer to a proper TV service but that does not appear to be the case.

The mobile channels currently available on Xumo include the likes of Fox Sports, Bloomberg, NBC News, CBSN in addition to independent stations like Cheddar. The description provided by Xumo suggests that the app it has made for Metro might not offer the same channels and could focus on video on demand instead.

That doesn’t mean it would be too similar to Verizon’s defunct Go90 video service that was aimed at the young crowd but failed to take off. No further information is available at this point in time so it’s unclear just what this offering will be for T-Mobile’s Metro prepaid brand. We’ll get to know soon enough since it’s due to arrive in February.

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