Our willful gullibility to corporate-induced indoctrination is destroying our schools


It was so clear after a Los Angeles mother gave an interview that aired on a cable news network: She completely understood the problem with schools. She knew the schools needed more money. She understood that charter schools drained public money out of schools. The mother supported the teachers. However, when asked if she supported a modest increase in her taxes, she balked. "Our taxes in California are already high," she responded.

It was not hard to empathize with this woman. California is a high-tax state. Asking the middle class to pony up for everything gets old—but most importantly, it is unfair.

The problem is that we do not look at education holistically. Funding for education in states like California and Texas depends partially on property taxes, above and beyond money from the general fund. This is a recipe for inequality in education, a disaster that is readily apparent. Rich districts and rich areas tend to have good schools with good teachers, while poor areas have dilapidated schools, often staffed with less-equipped teachers.

Corporate-controlled politicians purposely starve government to create a condition of failure. Why? It allows their wealthy benefactors to play the savior role. In this case, private and charter schools funded by the taxpayers step in to do the job they claim the public sector failed at.

These corporations (read: the plutocracy) want the commoditization of our most precious assets—our kids. Our children are the gift that keeps on giving. They are an infinitely renewable source of revenue.

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