Have you removed all Cult45 Trumpsters from your life?


I was never a fan of The Apprentice, or Donald Trump. I figured the show was yet another dumb, manipulated, unreality game show, and he was an arrogant blowhard conman using NBC to burnish his paper-thin reputation for being a “famous businessman.” I’ve never watched a single episode, or even made it through the title sequence. To be fair I never watched a full episode of Survivor, The Biggest Loser, or Big Brother, either.

None of that is “reality” to me. It’s artificial situations created to generate artificial drama that is then edited to create an artificial reality. Donald Trump is a perfect product of that unreal world.

I always thought the idea of him running for president was a pathetic joke. It was laughable. It’s still a joke, only the punchline is very, very dark humor. I never hated him, and I still don’t. I just didn’t think him worthy of my time, focus, or consideration.

I knew as soon as he came down the escalator and blurted out that Mexicans are “rapists” that this was the wrong guy. This man is not fit, and his mind is dangerously warped by bigoted delusions. I did a diary almost immediately which tracked down the source of his claim, and it absolutely was not what he claimed that it was. It was about sexual trafficking taking place on the southern border of Mexico, not about gangs of rapists who were aggressively swarming into America, as he tried to suggest.

He was a liar. He was a thug. He was a bigot. He was an uninformed, fatuous gasbag.

All of that was obvious from day one, minute one, of his candidacy. I decided right away that I didn’t have any time for anyone who rationalized, excused, or tried to justify this man’s crap to me. Anyone linked to this guy is OUT. I do not have enough of my life left to spend a single nanosecond countenancing this bullshit.

And yet many of us still have to deal with this ilk in our daily lives, people who sadly happen to make up a significant portion of the country. We couldn't have believed that this was possible, that this many Americans were, frankly, this evil. If not evil, then at the very least they were willing to support the evil that is Trump. Many of us have Trump fans in our family, in our workplace, among our close acquaintances, and as our close friends.

Have you told them to “Go screw” yet? And if not, why not?

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