Nuts & Bolts: Inside a Democratic campaign—special districts and boards


It’s another Saturday, so for those who tune in, welcome to a Saturday diary discussing the Nuts & Bolts of a Democratic Campaign. If you’ve missed out, you can catch up anytime: Just visit our group or follow Nuts & Bolts Guide.

Last week, I talked about school boards and the impact they have on our community. This week, the series covers special districts, private boards, and what some think of as forgotten offices. In many communities around the country, these city or county boards are designed to provide some form of oversight of city or local services. These can include water boards, utility boards, zoning boards, parks and recreation boards, transportation, river, stream, ocean boards, fish and game, wildlife boards, and so on.

Communities are free to create their own elected boards to handle process issues that might be too time-consuming for a city council or county commission, and these boards can focus on specific items, sometimes passing the results of their work on to another board or even a state legislature.

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