NFL Championship Sunday preview: QBs get the ink, but the running game may steal the show


The divisional round showed football fans a few things. First, rumors of the running game’s demise were greatly exaggerated. The weekend’s four winners combined for 745 yards and 11 touchdowns on 146 carries. The Rams alone tallied 273 yards on 48 attempts. If you’re scoring at home, that adds up to 5.1 yards per carry, cumulatively. The second thing fans learned is that the Patriots are still the Patriots. The outcome itself — a New England win — wasn’t necessarily surprising. After all, the Pats were favored in the game. Still, the way they totally dismantled the Chargers, thought by many to be the most complete team remaining, was shocking. It was the kind of game that may have swayed even the biggest New England skeptics. It also set up a juicy rematch with the Chiefs. The end result of last week’s action? The top four seeds, not to mention the top four scoring offenses, are vying for a trip to the Super Bowl. It has to be a dream come true for the NFL, as every possible matchup that can come from these

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