Kathy Griffin Calls Out Don Cheadle Publicly — And He Responds HARD!


Whoa! Kathy Griffin and Don Cheadle went AT IT on Twitter late on Monday night, publicly fighting into the early morning for the whole world to see.

At issue was the comedienne’s long-standing Donald Trump controversy — when she held a fake version of his severed, bloody head for photos — and how the comedian felt her peer didn’t actually come to her defense at the time of the controversy.

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The tweet-war started innocently enough late last night when Don posted a pic of himself wearing a Sleeping Giants hat (below):

Clearly miffed at what she thought was a political post from Cheadle — Sleeping Giants is an activist organization that fights against bigotry and sexism through brand advocacy and social media campaigns — Griffin responded quickly, calling out the actor for perceived hypocrisy:

Um…. that escalated quickly!!

After Griffin’s public call-out, Cheadle initially played coy — or, perhaps truly didn’t know what was going on — and only responded with a wimple “huh”?

That’s when Kathy struck hard, calling the Hotel Rwanda actor a “d**k in real life” and doubling down on her earlier statement:

Uh, whoa! This came comparatively out of nowhere, didn’t it?!

But when Cheadle logged back on early Tuesday morning, he opted to set the record straight in his own Twitter thread about the brouhaha (below):

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