Australia v India: Boxing Day Test, day two – live!

Photo of Australia v India: Boxing Day Test, day two – live!
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127th over: India 304-4 (Rahane 6, Rohit 0) It was a nice bit of seam from Cummins away from Pujara, it must be said. But the ball did go under the bat, as this CricViz graphic illustrates quite clearly. Hazlewood now gets his chance for the first time time lunch, replacing Starc. Blimey, and he gets one to take off at Rahane, missing his bat and clearing Paine’s gloves, four byes added. Later on he pulls a single, Rohit then happy enough to defend. It won’t be long before he gets busy - or dies trying.

The ball from Cummins which dismissed Pujara bounced roughly 70cm less than other deliveries from Cummins on the same length. #AUSvIND

126th over: India 299-4 (Rahane 5, Rohit 0) Rohit, back into this side to land knock-out blows in situations just like this, walks out and defends the two remaining deliveries in the successful Cummins set.

Big fan of the Cummins non-celebration and grin at Pujara there. The anti-Brett Lee #AUSvIND

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