Watch Disney Pixars Short Film ‘Bao’ for Free Right Now


If anyone knows how to tug at the heartstrings with beautiful animated stories, it’s Disney‘s Pixar. And that’s exactly what the studio has done in Bao, which was screened ahead of Incredibles 2 in movie theaters.

Available to stream for one week only, Bao is the story of a middle-aged Chinese woman who becomes a new mom to a freshly filled steamed bun. As she’s about to pop the doughy treat in her mouth, it springs to life and sparks the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Bao grows up fast, however, leaving mom to realize that kids don’t stay small and cute forever.

Directed by Chinese-Canadian artist Domee Shi, the film is a commentary on parent-child relationships set within Canada’s Chinese immigrant community.

Are you in a pool of your own tears after watching Bao? Let us know in the comments.

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