Shady Trump Inaugural Spending Under Federal Investigation

Photo of Shady Trump Inaugural Spending Under Federal Investigation

Remember how crazy we all thought it was that Donald Trump raised over $100M for an inauguration that no one really attended, yet somehow raised double the Obama inauguration, which was attended by literally hundreds of thousands? And even 2 years later, no one really knows who gave Trump so much money, where it came from, how it was spent or was really bought? Well, it looks like federal prosecutors have been looking into these very questions.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Donald Trump's Inauguration Committee is under serious investigation from federal prosecutors for potential financial crimes on a litany of fronts, including pay-for-play, foreign money investment and misapplication of funds.

The criminal investigation, led by the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office, is looking into a variety of things, including whether donors paid for access -- pay-for-play. You know, the very thing Trump accused Hillary Clinton of.

So why did this investigation just start? Apparently it was kicked off by some of the materials seized (or handed over) in the Michael Cohen case(s). The inaugural committee states it has not been contacted for any records.

CNN's Dana Bash called the inaugural fundraising: 'As Swampy As It Gets' in this clip:

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