Roger the buff kangaroo has died at the age of 12

Photo of Roger the buff kangaroo has died at the age of 12

Roger, the extremely muscular kangaroo who became an internet sensation in 2015, has passed away from natural causes at the age of 12.

Roger first gained the world’s attention in June of 2015 when CNN posted a video the included a picture of the massive marsupial crushing a metal bucket.

Roger weighed 200 pounds and was 6-foot-7, which is pretty much the top end of the scale for red kangaroos, the world’s largest marsupial.

A man named Chris Barnes rescued Roger in 2006 when the Kangaroo was only a baby.

“I rescued Roger out of his mother’s pouch in 2006,” he told BuzzFeed back in 2015. “She was dead on the side of the road and he weighed under a kilogram.”

Barnes went on start a Kangaroo sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia, and Roger became the alpha male, eventually having over 12 kangaroo wives.

“Roger’s muscle is human-like,” said Barnes. “He appears to have the same muscles that a bodybuilder has, really defined biceps and triceps.”

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