Prepare to Be Mesmerized by VEE 303 and Her Striking “Wounded” Video

Photo of Prepare to Be Mesmerized by VEE 303 and Her Striking “Wounded” Video

‘Striking’ barely begins to describe the immersive new single “Wounded” from Berlin-based artist VEE 303. The hypnotic blend of classical and contemporary imagery hued in lush shades of red – along with the track’s brilliant interplay of orchestral and skeletal trip-hop influences – is intoxicating. It is no wonder that its creator is someone who studied at the same academy for the gifted as Friedrich Neitzsche and, in her work as a fashion designer, can count Lil Uzi Vert among her clients. Get to know her in the visual for “Wounded” below:

Speaking on the track, VEE 303 told Highsnobiety in an email that “WOUNDED is about the dynamic of control between two people and how it can be a liberating experience to just let someone take over. It can give you some kind of freedom to not worry about the world for a second and indulge yourself in the moment. It is a reflection on how I experience salvation through pain and the contradictory forces of violence and beauty.”

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