Audi Debuts Tesla Rival With 590-Horsepower Electric E-Tron GT Concept

Photo of Audi Debuts Tesla Rival With 590-Horsepower Electric E-Tron GT Concept

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Last year, Audi gave a first look at its EV E-tron Sportback concept car, and for the 2018 LA Auto Show, the luxury German automaker unveiled another new electric vehicle with the E-Tron GT Concept.

The sleek sedan is powered by a 590-brake-horsepower motor, capable of reaching 60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds, and the vehicle’s streamlined profile with broad lines and distinct elements across the body offer aerodynamic benefits to reduce fuel consumption, while emphasizing the aesthetically pleasing modern design.

The top speed is clocked at 149 mph to maximize the range that Audi claimed for the concept car would be over 248 miles, and in an official press release, the company added, “One feature that not all the competition can match is the option of fully utilizing the [vehicle’s] acceleration potential several times in succession.”

The E-Tron GT Concept is equipped with a 90-kilowatt hour lithium ion battery and can be charged by using a cable or wireless induction. The cable option utilizes Audi’s 800-volt electrical architecture that will quickly charge the battery to 80 percent in 20 minutes, as well as support public charging points with lower voltages.

For wireless, “Audi Wireless Charging,” the process is much slower with a full charge to be reached overnight. The wireless charging feature is achieved via a pad with a coil installed on the floor where the car is parked. A magnetic field is then established between that and another coil in the car to activate the charging mechanism.

Audi did not reveal the official pricing of the E-Tron GT Concept, but the EV is slated to arrive at dealerships in late 2020.

Earlier this fall, Audi debuted its more powerful, faster, and sharper R8 coupe and Spyder.

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