Mercedes-AMG Officially Reveals the All-New GT Model & Track-Focused AMG GT R Pro

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Ahead of the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, Mercedes-AMG, the high performance branch of luxury German automaker Mercedes-Benz, officially introduces the new Mercedes-AMG GT and track-focused AMG GT R PRO.

First up with the Mercedes-AMG GT, GT S, and GT C coupés and roadsters, the vehicles flaunt the distinct Mercedes-AMG aesthetic with its sleek, yet intimidating profile, in addition to a wide grille and streamlined structure that translates to superb aerodynamic benefits. Some of its key highlights are the AMG Dynamics integrated driving control system for added agility, which provides authentic driving feel in whatever road conditions, as well as a new AMG Performance steering wheel. Additionally, an intuitive center console with display buttons and a fully digital instrument display with exclusive AMG “Supersport” display style have been implemented.

For the AMG GT R PRO, the racetrack-inclined vehicle is further improved in suspension, lightweight construction, and updated looks to benefit its aerodynamics. With its carbon-fiber build and ceramic elements, the vehicle’s lightweight design is further solidified with lightweight bucket seats and wheels, contributing to the enhanced driving dynamics and faster lap times. This is achieved via a powerful engine that boasts 585 hp at 6250 rpm and reaches a top speed of 318 km/h. More details on each model can be found on Mercedes-AMG’s website.

Earlier this year, Mercedes-AMG officially revealed the all-new G-Class.

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