Heron Preston Debuts ’90s Skate-Inspired Brand Basketball Skateboards

Photo of Heron Preston Debuts ’90s Skate-Inspired Brand Basketball Skateboards

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Today Heron Preston introduces the world to his new brand, Basketball Skateboards. A collaboration with friend and co-designer Jacuzzi, the collection draws from ’90s skate culture and the connection between skateboarding and basketball.

Basketball Skateboards is the brainchild of Jacuzzi, guided by Preston to detail how skateboarding and basketball became major influencers on their journey to the fashion industry. The inaugural release includes a mesh basketball jersey set with rhinestones, baggy skate chinos, and bold graphic T-shirts featuring a nostalgic athletic patch.

Preston and Jacuzzi’s Basketball Skateboards collection is available beginning today exclusively at Selfridges in the UK, followed by a stateside release on November 28, solely at PacSun stores.

To celebrate the launch, we had the chance to ask Preston a few questions about his new line.

Inspiration came from seeing Jacuzzi backstage at the Yeezy show and discussing upcoming work/ideas & designs. The name came from Jacuzzi playing on a Basketball team when he was younger and his mom promising him a skateboard if he made the team.

There was no bad time for us launching the brand. Skateboarding has raised both of us. Jacuzzi and I both have a love of fashion, skating and basketball. It made perfect sense to launch this brand together and the stars just really aligned for right now, we’re really proud of it.

I grew up skating and playing basketball. For me, the marriage of the two lifestyle sports enabled me to create something nostalgic yet relevant for today’s streetwear landscape.

Looking through the lens of fashion, being creative and always watching. I live the brand, I’m that person on the Basketball court on my skateboard. Looking to my mentors for inspiration too.

Getting cooler and fresher, new ideas for the brand. I am very excited to launch this brand with our exclusive retailers. Selfridges in the UK seemed like the perfect fit for us and PacSun gives us the retail power we need for the US.

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